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Is Chiru The Greatest Ever?

Actor Sandy who played the twin roles of Radha and Ranga in the film Vangaveeti revealed an interesting thing in a recent interview.

Sandy said he was watching Vangaveeti in a theatre along with his friends. In the movie, whenever someone from Nehru’s camp was killed, one section of the audience was cheering loudly and whenever someone from Ranga’s camp was killed, another section was going berserk.

Unfortunately, divided along casteist lines, stardom in Tollywood today has degenerated into a representation of community superiority.

While the stars themselves have no problems with one another, it is the fans who take pride in this segregation. Naturally, an objective discussion as to who is the greatest ever actor in the industry, becomes impossible in such a surcharged atmosphere.

Besides, on what parameters can we say that an actor is the greatest ever? Box-office collections, acting ability, versatile roles?

Basing on the premise that cinema is fundamentally, only a source of entertainment to the masses; we can perhaps evaluate the best actor in terms of box-office revenues for masses patronize that particular actor who affords them maximum entertainment. If that were to be the criterion, then Chiranjeevi is undoubtedly the finest ever that Tollywood has produced.

An SV Ranga Rao or an NTR or ANR can definitely emote better than Chiranjeevi, but at the end of the day, if providing wholesome entertainment at the end of the day is what counts, Chiru clearly wins hands down.

Struggling against a well-established fraternity in the industry, Chiru managed to emerge as an icon in Tollywood which is no mean feat. Imagine if an Eenadu or an Andhra Jyothi belonged to someone from Chiranjeevi’s community as he was climbing the ladder? His stardom would have been unimaginable!

Having said that, it is no mean feat for a person coming back after a hiatus of 10 years and rewriting box-office history. If one were to examine the revenues of the 150 movies of Chiru, does anyone in Tollywood even merit comparison? Is he by that yardstick, not the greatest ever?



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