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Is 'Baahubali' Getting Tired?

Mega projects on the lines of Hollywood productions are rather rare in Indian cinema. If one goes through history, not many heavy budget films have been made in India and the situation is the same in Telugu cinema.

Of course, there have been examples like Mughal-e-Azam in Hindi and Lava Kusa, Alluri Seetarama Raju in Telugu, but they are few and rare.

Okay, coming to present times, SS Rajamouli created a sensation of sorts with Magadheera and followed it up with the tremendous success of Eega.

Apart from being huge commercial successes, the films gave him the courage to dream big and thirsty to make bigger films with loads of special effects.

In short, to make a film that has never been attempted in the history of Indian cinema, leave alone Telugu cinema.

Well, he did get going and he had world class technicians and a huge cast. The film is being produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and darsakendrudu Raghavendra Rao. Of course, there is Rajamouli’s share in it too.

For now, let’s leave the creative output aside and focus on the business side. The first part of the film has already been sold in certain areas overseas and this has brought in some money for the makers.

But apparently, the producers are now facing the heat of taking up such a huge project as the production costs are increasing by the day.

Despite the money made by selling area rights, they will now have to pump in huge amounts for post-production work. Also, there is some talkie part remaining for shooting. There is an on-going discussion as to whether they must first release part 1 and then complete the shooting of the second part.

On the other hand, they cannot keep the star cast on hold by tying them down to the roles. Another major problem is, if a lot of money is spent on talkie part, then where will the money for post production come from?

So according to one version, the unit has now decided that they will finish the first part, release it and once they are well-versed with the whole process, they will then get on to the second part.

Whenever such stories emerge, Rajamouli clears the air by immediately tweeting an explanation. Well, let’s see what he comes up with this time.



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