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Is Agnatavasi Inspired By This?

Remixes and remakes are quite common in film industry. On and off, rumours float around that a film is inspired or a free-make of a particular movie or movies.

To add to that, our directors too watch a lot of international hit films and try to grab a few scenes from them.

So here's the latest buzz about Trivikram-Pawan Kalyan's film. It is said that the film is inspired by a 2011 Hollywood film The Heir Apparent.

Already Agnatavasi story is almost out. The story starts with a Richie rich man who keeps two options for everything. So, he has two wives too. When he is murdered, the second wife comes looking for the first wife and with the help of her stepson takes revenge.

For the film, a huge set of a terrace of a building in Dubai has been erected in Ramoji Film City. The terrace will keep appearing in the film time and again. It will be changed to green matte and VFX will be used to make it appear like the real building.

Even in The Heir Apparent, the terrace is main part of the theme. Also, the stories also have similarities. Hence the gossip. Of course, the truth will be known only after Agnathavasi releases.



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