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Is A Hero Bad If He Asks For Money?

Bandla Ganesh has once again put his foot in the mouth or so we think. In an interview given to TV channel, he said something that has once again given rise to discussion in Film Nagar.

When asked what was the problem between him and NTR, Bandla Ganesh said that he owed Rs 2 crores to NTR and that it was eventually settled. But he did not stop there. He added that 30-year-old Ram Charan was a perfect example of a hero with good character.

Now, many in Film Nagar are wondering if Bandla Ganesh meant that NTR was putting pressure about money or if it was about Ram Charan having good character. To create more trouble for himself, he mentioned that Pawan never brought up money issues with him.

Well, does that mean that NTR is bad because he asked for his balance payment?

Incidentally, Bandla Ganesh has already announced Temper 2 with NTR and if he makes such statements, the relationship between both of them is bound to go sour.

We hope Bandla Ganesh will be the right person to clarify these doubts.



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