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Intense and Intriguing Trailer

PVP Cinema's upcoming thriller Kshanam theatrical trailer looks interesting and promises plenty of intrigue.

A little girl is kidnapped and the mother of the girl seeks the help of her ex lover. He comes to India to unfold the mystery. This is the premise of Kshanam that is showing a lot of promise to be an edge of the seat thriller.

Adivi Sesh and Adah Sharma played the leads in Kshanam directed by Ravikanth Perepu. Television anchor Anasuya will be seen as a tough cop in it.

Video: Watch Kshanam Trailer

Kshanam is set for release on March 5th. Concept based small movies were doing well lately and Kshanam seems to join the league.

The trailer of Kshanam was launched by Mahesh and Samantha. It has instantly caught the attention of celebrities and media as well. Everyone is pouring praise on the trailer for raising enough curiosity over the film.

Can this positive buzz turn in big audience for Kshanam? Will the film live up to its promise?



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