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Inside Info: It is Not Going to be Easy for Puri

On the face of it, Puri Jagannadh says he is ready to meet SIT again if they call him. He gave hints that all went well during the questioning by the officials. But inside sources say he will be facing huge problems if the government decides to act tough.

The officers reportedly found solid proofs to declare that he is not as innocent as he claims.

First, they believed that he is a regular consumer of drugs, but during the course of questioning, the officials got more clues to the drugs scam.

It is said that Puri's links with Calvin have been tracked, who happens to be the main suspect in the entire drug scandal.

Puri Jagannadh is presently relieved that he was sent home without any case being filed. He was also given VIP treatment, but talk is that he may face huge problems in future as enough evidence has been gathered.

The key fact is that Puri Jagannadh has regular money transactions with Calvin. On the other hand, his emotional outburst against media is being seen as a desperate act.

He claimed that he made a movie called ‘ISM’ as a tribute to journalists, but that the media-men were not patronising to him. He says the media on the other hand has been taking shots at him by deriding his effort.



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