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I Would Have Been A CEO If Not For Films

I Would Have Been A CEO If Not For Films

I would have been a doctor, if I didn’t get into films… is a dialogue that is as old as the hills. So, in keeping with the current craze for software techies, Ileana says she would have become the CEO of a software firm in Goa if films didn’t happen to her.

This Goan beauty reveals she would get top scores when she was in school and strongly believes that she would have made the same moolah had she continued with her studies.

Apparently, she would have studied computer science and followed it up with an MBA, if she was not spotted by film-makers.

The lanky and dusky beauty started off as a model for pocket money and like in the case of many actresses, one thing led to another and she became an overnight star in Telugu.

At the peak of her career in Telugu, Ileana ventured into Bollywood. Unfortunately, she had to be happy with lukewarm response out there and she is currently busy dating her much-older boyfriend.

But unlike many girls, Ileana is quite open about her foreign beau and makes no bones about her relationship. That apart, glam shoots for top fashion and film magazines keep her busy these days.

Well, we like her confidence and no wonder she is doing exactly what pleases her instead of following the herd.



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