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I Was Panicked With Response: Avasarala

I Was Panicked With Response: Avasarala

Avasarala Srinivas, the man with multiple shades as actor, writer and director is excitedly geared up for his second directorial venture Jyo Achyuthananda releasing on September 9th. He is a spirited actor, a flaming writer and passionate story teller with feverish for direction. 

“Actually, I entered into industry to become both an actor and director. I began writing scripts nearly 10 years ago approaching many producers. I wrote for Golconda High School and worked for Ashta Chemma before Oohalu Gusagusalade happened, thanks to Sai Korrapati garu for recognizing the director in me. Overall, I enjoy the whole process of film making,” Avasarala told in an exclusive chat.     

All the audience anticipating Jyo Achyuthananda as triangular love story between Nara Rohith, Naga Shourya and Regina Cassandra, the director is totally against to address his film as a rom-com.

“The first response Jyo Achyuthananda offered with the teaser among the audience panicked me. A triangular love story expectation has automatically built on it. But, Jyo Achyuthananda is not a love story. This is an emotional story between two brothers which is beyond a love story. It’s not light hearted like Oohalu, there is a heavy emotion to drive at viewers heart. I wanted to make audience prepared before entering into theater. First few minutes into the film, you understand what I am saying. You will be thrown to a completely different treat than anticipated,” Srinivas makes us prepared for the show.

Nara Rohith and Naga Shourya make this film a multi starrer. According to Avasarala, the csting wasn’t really forced.

“I began writing for Jyo Achyuthananda after wrapping Oohalu. I narrated the script to four young heroes. Everyone was willing to work on solo hero scripts but not multi starrers. I was also hesitant about Nara Rohith to accept the project. But, he liked it in one sitting. Then Naga Shourya is pulled in. For someone to be over carrying and dominant as central lady, we selected Regina Cassandra who does the justice,” adds Srinivas about the casting.

Every writer and director is mandatorily inspired and equipped with a motivational force from behind. There are quite a few for Avasarala too.

“Till last two films, I felt myself very poor at Telugu writing and pronunciation. I drew lot of stimulus from reading books and grew up watching Jandhyala, Bapu and K Vishwanath movies at home playing in VCR and VCPs. In theaters, I used to watch and enjoy Chiranjeevi films very much,” Srinivas said.

Avasarala is eager to continue as an actor, writer and director proving him-self capable of handling any genre.

“I’ve committed to Hunterr as hero and four to five projects already signed. As director, I have two more. One with Nani as hero and second is for Vaaraahi banner. Producer Sai Korrapati is a very kind person. We both share a common vision and are in one page. So, it makes me comfortable to do third project with him very soon,” Avasarala signs off with a positive noted smile.



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