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'I Take Care Of Every Detail'

Glam doll Hansika says that she is now a wiser person. Having been in the industry for a very long time, she says she can now more or less figure out as to who can be malicious and who is not.

Still, she maintains that she is very careful about everything as being a heroine is no easy task. There are thousands of people who keep ogling at heroines and all their personal details are hunted down by all and sundry.

Hansika says that in the past, her mom would take care of her, but of late she says she has started taking care of herself.

There was a time when there were a lot of rumours regarding her and Hansika says that she is very careful these days.

She confesses that she even checks out the furniture and all equipment just to be sure that the room does not have any unnecessary cameras, etc.

Also, she says she has learnt where to stop and to what extent she can be friends with her colleagues.



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