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'I Smoked', Confesses Heroine

For the past four days, those on social media are having discussions about the latest video clipping to make headlines.

A clipping of Amala Paul smoking a cigarette has gone viral. Apparently, the scene is part of an upcoming Tamil film.

The clipping shows her smoking through her mouth and exhaling through nostrils. Finally, Amala Paul has decided to give some clarity much to the relief of netizens.

While some felt that it was all graphics, some others said it was a body double who did the smoking shot.

However, Amala Paul has made it clear that it was she who smoked the cigarette. She confessed that she did the smoking scene for a particular sequence.

Well, she justifies the scene saying that she wanted it be as natural as possible. Though the makers offered to use a body double, apparently, Amala insisted on doing the shot herself.

But those in the know feel that she smoked like a pro as letting the smoke out of nostrils is possible only if one was a seasoned smoker.

However, Amala chose to quietly skip this thread of discussion and got out of the scene saying at the end, cigarette smoking is injurious to health.



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