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'I Slapped a South Superstar': Radhika

'I Slapped a South Superstar': Radhika

She is one girl who has ensured that she is heard every time she speaks. Well, one cannot exactly call her a top star, but the actress has a good body of work and has recently appeared opposite Akshay Kumar in Padman in Bollywood.

She was earlier seen opposite Rajinikanth in Kabali and acted in two telugu films Legend and Lion with Telugu star Balakrishna.

Apart from commercial films, she has also done experimental cinema and she was recently on Neha Dhupia's show BFFs with Vogue, along with co-star  and BFF Rajkumar Rao.

The actress was candid and had some interesting things to share on the show. For starters, she confessed that during her early days in south, she instinctively slapped her hero, who was a south-Indian superstar.

"It was my first day on the set and this superstar started tickling my feet. I was stunned as we hadn't met before and I slapped him instinctively," said the Parched actress to a visibly-amused Neha Dhupia.

She also made some strong statements on the male-dominated Telugu industry during the conversation.

She also responded to being slammed on social media for wearing a bikini.

"Well, what else does one expect to wear on a beach? A sari? I don't know them and I don't deal with them," she told her host.

But surely the cherry on the cake was her instant reply to the question, 'Who do you think must retire from film-making?' "Ram Gopal Varma," said Radhika without blinking an eye-lid.

Of course, as an after-thought, she added, "That's because he has made such phenomenal films."

As always, she did show that she had a mind of her own and that she did not mind speaking it.



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