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'I Eat Junk To Eat Less'

Just about everyone has become diet conscious these days and irrespective of one’s profession, people have started to watch their diet and keep a tab on their fitness regime.

Naturally, this is putting extra pressure on film stars to look young and fit even with growing years.

In the past, a hero or heroine had a shelf life of 10 years at the most. Now, films are focusing on diverse themes and the audiences are expecting to see their favourite stars in glamourous roles irrespective of their age.

So, they have to make sure they look beautiful and fit. When we asked how Shriya managed to keep herself in perfect shape, she says it’s thanks to her eating several small meals in a day.

The Sivaji heroine says she eats handful of junk food like moong dal, bhujiya, navratan mixture, etc, so that she can eat less during lunch and dinner time.

Well, while we understand her concept of eating small meals, we wonder if eating junk food will work wonders for everyone.



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