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I am Cautious About Script & Wife: Nikhil

I am Cautious About Script & Wife: Nikhil

Young hero Nikhil with beefed up body is looking astonishing as Kirrak Party is all set to grace theaters on March 16. 

Known to be a remake of Kannada hit with same title, Nikhil is very busy promoting the film speaking openly on various points including his off the screen happenings, most importantly about gossips on marriage and dating.

“Wow! Gossips are being made on me. This means they consider me as a star and are interested to know more about me. Coming to marriage, I am searching for a right girl. As an artist, when I am so cautious in picking right scripts, how cautious I should be in selecting the right girl to join me in rest of my life,” said Nikhil.

Coming to Kirrak Party, "this movie is definitely nostalgia that will take back audience to college days. Nevertheless, Kirrak Party is a campus drama and different from Happy Days. Except the narrative set in college back drop, there are no similarities between Kirrak Party and Happy Days.

For the first time, I am attempting a remake retaining the soul of original Kannada film. The subject is all about transformation of a boy into student leader and I am sure teens, college students will relate themselves easily. Preparing for the character was lot of hard work. I have beefed up to look macho. I had to gain and lose weight to appear in contrast looks," added.

Nikhil while he is romancing beautiful babes Samyukta Hegde and Simran Paranjee.

Kirrak Party directed by Sharan Koppishetty has directors Sudheer Varma and Chandoo Mondeti providing screenplay and dialogues respectively.



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