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How Can Boyapati Control Damage?

How Can Boyapati Control Damage?

It's not now; two years ago, writer-director and actor Posani Krishna Murali launched a tirade against another director Boyapati Srinivas in his inimitable style.

Without naming Boyapati directly, Posani came down heavily on him in strong words, saying he had helped that director a lot, but the latter had no gratitude towards him; and instead, making derogatory comments against him. However, Boyapati did not react openly to the allegations of Posani those days.

In the recent past, successful director Koratala Siva, too, has started attacking Boyapati directly in his interviews to several media.

Stating that he, too, had come from Posani school, Koratala said Boyapati had plagiarised his story and scripts. And media, too, is eager to know about the controversy over the film “Simha” rather than writing about the success of Janata Garage. And Koratala is mincing no words in exposing Boyapati for copying his story and script for Simha.

Needless to say, this is the most embarrassing moment for Boyapati, who has tasted success with his recent film Sarrainodu. Such comments from another successful director like Koratala and the previous allegations made by Posani would definitely create a wrong impression about Boyapati among the audiences.

There is nothing more insulting to a director than facing the allegations of using his name for somebody else’s story.

In the past, too, there were such controversies in the film industry. There was a clash for a long time between director Srinu Vaitla and writer Kona Venkat. Later, both of them compromised with each other.

Similarly, director Maruthi, too, had to face such complaints with regard to his film Radha, starring Venkatesh; so much, that the film did not take off at all. Now, Boypati has been in trouble with such allegations. It remains to be seen how he would control the damage to his image.



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