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How Baahubali Producers And Exhibitors Cheated The Public

How Baahubali Producers And Exhibitors Cheated The Public

A report in the English daily revealed how the producers and exhibitors (multiplexes) cheated the public of nearly Rs 100 crore during the release of Baahubali 2.

An additional charge of Rs 50 was levied on a Rs 150 ticket at the multiplexes without any approval from the government. This helped the multiplexes and producers (who get a percentage from the multiplexes) earn around Rs 100 crore illegal revenue.

An RTI activist Ch Divakar Babu had written to the Chief Secy about this issue but received no response.

He then approached the State Information Commissioner which directed the government to provide information.

A year after he had approached the government, Divakar Babu was provided with the details in 2018.

The response given by the government clarified that permission was not given to the multiplexes to charge Rs 50 extra per ticket. 

Thanks to Divakar Babu, the scam by the producers and multiplexes has been exposed.



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