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Hitting 100 Is A Must

In the past, a film was gauged by the number of days it ran in theatres. That is no longer the benchmark for films today.

Now, it’s all about breaching the Rs 100-crore mark. Like all trends, film trends have also changed over the years. And Tollywood is not alien to this change.

This has spawned the trend of signing a big star and adding all the commercial elements to ensure the film becomes a huge hit. Then add appropriate publicity and the film is bound to make huge money at the box office.

Since this is how a film is sold these days, good films no longer find a viable market as all focus is on commercial cinema. The same is true with collections.

Today, a film is considered to be a commercial hit, if it makes money in the first week. The makers are also focusing on getting maximum people to the theatres in the first week as that counts most in terms of revenue. 

With many big films lined up for release, the latest talk in tinsel ville is that almost all of them do not have great stories.

In fact, it is being rumoured that they are all banking on the craze for the lead pair. This clearly shows to what levels Tollywood has stooped to. Also, another point of discussion is if any of these films would breach the Rs 100-crore mark.

Pawan Kalyan’s Attarintiki Daaredi broke the Magadheera record. So, now all focus is on a Telugu film reaching the Rs 100-crore mark.

Well, along with Rs 100 crore, don’t we need films that would also cross 100-day mark?



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