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His Films Are Different, But Risky

His Films Are Different, But Risky

Think Kamal Haasan and you can expect something different with each of his films. Right now, Kamal is coming up with a film titled Uttama Villain. 

Of course, the promos look interesting and there is the right amount of curiosity among audiences. Still, the buyers are scared to shell out exorbitant rates as they have had really bad experiences with big films of leading Tamil superstars. 

Films of Ajith, Rajini, Suriya, Karthi have all failed at the box office and that is many producers think twice. In fact, the failure of Linga was the last straw.

Now, the film is being released through C Kalyan as he has good links with the Tamil industry. 

So it has been decided that if anyone buys the film before the release date, it would be best and in case they don’t, then the makers will release it directly in Telugu. 

If the film manages to get super hit talk, then it would be best for them, else they say they will be happy even if they get theatre charges.

On the other hand, Kalyan has been lucky with dubbed films of late. He had released two films which he bought at low prices and made money out of both of them. 

Well, if his luck extends to Uttama Villain, it will be a happy ending for all parties involved.



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