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High Rates Proving Fatal For JJN Buyers

High Rates Proving Fatal For JJN Buyers

Boyapati Srinu’s supreme track record and his command over mass masala made buyers to go berserk in bagging the rights of Jaya Janaki Nayaka. 

They have bet so much on the film without giving a thought about the competition.

They must have expected the film to have solo release during the long weekend. But to their misery it clashed with two other notable films that made the going tough for Jaya Janaki Nayaka. 

Buyers couldn’t get enough theaters at the time of release and a non-star like Bellamkonda Srinivas couldn’t pull audiences in big numbers.

Boyapati’s brand name and decent word of mouth from the masses helped it to hold at the ticket windows despite competition. 

However, the film still needs to recover a lot in the coming weeks for it to be a safe venture. 

Although buyers managed to get last minute rebate on the actual price, JJN still needs to go a long way for them to recover their investment. 

As of now, things are looking pretty bleak as the film is not showing any signs of improvement at the box office. 



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