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Heroine's Midnight Party With Filmmakers

'Journey' girl Anjali made it big Tamil and later on appeared in films like Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and Balupu etc. 

After a controversy with Tamil director, Anjali wasn't getting much offers in Tamil and even in Telugu, she has got only one film. 

This Telugu heroine has recently invited film industry people like Nallamalapu Bujji, Kona Venkat, Harish Shankar, Dasaradh, Nani, Veeru Potla, Vikram Kumar and Srivas etc for a private party.

Some of the photos are released in the social networking platforms and Anjali is seen dancing with these film industry people. Some of the filmmakers were heavily drunk and appeared to be enjoying with Anjali. 

Well, Anjali might have celebrated some occasion with these filmmakers but these photos are sending wrong signals to the people about her.



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