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Heroine Denies Dating Mumbai Businessman

If a heroine's career becomes slow, then she is constantly asked the same question. And that is about her marriage. Surprisingly, at the peak of her career, not much is written about their love stories, but once it becomes slow, all kinds of stories pop up.

Some times, they are true and some times they are just cooked up stories. Well, in case of Kajal Agarwal, it was said that she was dating a Mumbai-based businessman. It made sense, as Kajal is from Mumbai and dating a Mumbai businessman made sense.

However, Kajal herself brushes aside the story as a mere rumour. Though there is pressure on her following the wedding of her younger sister Nisha, Kajal says she is no rush to marry as she has enough films on hand.

Of course, Kajal had said once during an interview that she would want to marry a businessman who is educated and humorous. Though many thought she was hinting at someone, it is now clear that she is single, at least for now.

Well, there is another story which insists that though Kajal is serious about the said businessman, she does not want to reveal anything in a hurry and wants to keep it under wraps till a date is set.



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