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Hero Empathises With His Friend

It is known that Tamil actress Varalakshmi had made some interesting comments during the elections for Nadiyagar Association.

While her comments raised some eyebrows, Vishal’s latest comment regarding the issue has also become talk of Tamil film industry. It is known that there is a face-off between Vishal and Sarath Kumar with regards to the Association elections.

And this has now turned into a controversy of sorts and it has resulted in both parties challenging each other. So, Varalakshmi has clarified that her vote is for her father.

Though Sarat Kumar happens to be her father, Vishal and Varalakshmi happen to be friends and this has become a hot topic for the media.

When Vishal was asked to comment about the same, he simply replied that he could understand Varalakshmi’s stance and added that there was nothing wrong with her extending support to her father. Looks like Vishal has a big heart for his girlfriend.



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