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Here's The Secret Behind Hello Title

Here's The Secret Behind Hello Title

Nagarjuna who is producing his son Akhil's film Hello under Manam Entertainments banner is taking all care to make the film a memorable experience for his son.

The film is slated for release next week and Nagarjuna has been keeping the film in news with lots of inputs about the film's making and little behind the scene stories.

So, here's the latest one -- the secret behind how Nagarjuna chanced upon the title of the film.

"Usually, I get great ideas while exercising early in the morning. On that day, I was exercising as usual and that's when the idea hit me. Hello... Hello... Hello. Immediately, I called Supriya and asked her to register the title," shares Nagarjuna taking credit for the title.

"For three months, we tried to come up with an apt title. We considered at least 50 titles, but we could not zero in on anything. And that's when I hit upon the idea of Hello while exercising. But I did not know how to tell the same to Vikram Kumar.

I did not expect him to go with a common word like Hello. But the moment I told him, he immediately took to the idea," says Nagarjuna.

In a way, Nagarjuna has also indirectly hinted that director Vikram Kumar did not come up with the film's title.

Well, for now, Nagarjuna and Akhil have given a joint interview to media as a part of promotions. After which, the film's hero Akhil left to the US.



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