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Hello: The Critics' Take

Hello: The Critics' Take

Hello is a rather prestigious offering from Annapurna Studios. Produced by Nagarjuna for his son and directed by talented Vikram Kumar, the film gave rise to high expectations right from the day it was launched.

So, let's see what critics have to say about the film being touted as Akhil's re-launch film:

The Times of India: Shah Rukh Khan once said in his hit film 'Om Shanti Om' - Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho ... to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

And 'Hello' is a magical case study on the same; how the whole universe conspires to bring two people together when they're meant to be.

With all said and done, while Seenu and Junnu's love story might be a simple one, the film isn't. With twists and turns lying round every corner, especially Seenu always low on luck, 'Hello' has a lot to offer.

Do not expect duets shot in exotic locales or hero elevation fight scenes because you will be disappointed. Give this one a watch this weekend, you won't regret it!

The Hindu: Some premises are hard to believe and harder to execute; but this is a trait that has ensured the exclusivity of a director like Vikram Kumar, be it 13B, Manam, 24 or his latest outing Hello.

His ability to intertwine intelligence and soul within the mainstream format comes to the fore in the Akhil-Kalyani Priyadarshan starrer, a tale of childhood bonhomie, longing and romance spanning over a 15-year timeline. Where the logic falls short or a cliché surfaces, conviction of the filmmaker comes through.

The innocence in its protagonists, the significance to little yet poignant moments over a two hour narrative results in a memorable romance-action-musical.

The Hans India: Hello is one of the beautiful romantic entertainers we have seen this year. The film has a lot of freshness and there is no single scene that brings boredom.

The director has made magic with his screenplay and impressed everyone. Those who believe in destiny will definitely find a connection with this film.​

The Indian Express: The theme and the premise of Hello is not something unheard of. But, the way Vikram has handled them, makes this larger-than-life romantic flick strike a chord.

The film is filled with many feel-good moments and heartfelt performances from the main star cast.

Hello embraces the serendipity of all the things that make the lives of characters beautiful eventually. And in the end, leaves us with a heart full of good feelings.

The Hindustan Times: The lack of chemistry between Avinash and Priya ensures that the intensity is missing from the friendship, which is the film’s undoing.

It is a good story told well but the film doesn’t leave an impression due to lack of credible performances.

In the end, the music that connects these two -- a violin piece -- is the best takeaway from the film because that one piece of melody has more emotional depth than the entire film.

The News Minute: Call it Vikram Kumar’s charm, or destiny if you will, Hello has action, romance, and comedy in equal proportions. Though the romance sequences feel gooey, the movie promises bucket loads of cool action.



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