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He Is Tollywood's Dhanush

He Is Tollywood's Dhanush

Raj Tarun doesn't have great looks or body of a typical movie hero. However this young chap is already making waves in Telugu cinema with a series of hits up his sleeve.

Raj Tarun looks like a normal guy who can fit into any type of boy-next-door kind of roles. He is also a very good performer who can get into the skin of the character.

Raj Tarun’s performance in Kumari 21F is being lauded by one and all. After making an impression with his first two films Uyyala Jampala and Cinema Chupista Maava, Raj Tarun has scored a hat-trick of hits with Kumari 21F.

His impeccable talent has earned him instant recognition that his films are doing tremendously well at the box office.

Telugu film industry people now say that we have found our own Dhanush, who also doesn’t have the looks of a conventional hero. He has become a star all by his talent and choice of films.

Raj Tarun is making interesting choices in picking movies and everything is going well for him at the moment. He should learn not to go off balance when that eventual slump hits somewhere down the line.

At this point future looks very fruitful for the guy as he have many films lined up in noted banners.



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