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He Has To Burn 20 Kilos Now

Some time back there were stories about Nikhil bulking up for a role in the Telugu version of Kannada hit Kirrack Party.

At the time, his bulky muscles were really the talk of the town. He hired a special trainer to bulk up and his pictures were splashed all over.

Now, he is hitting the gym to lose weight. Well, it's for the same film. Apparently, the film needs him to look bulky in one part and toned down in another part. So once again, Nikhil has chosen a suitable trainer to lose weight in flat 20 days.

It is known that Nikhil is introducing a new director called Sharan. The shooting for the part in which Nikhil looks bulky is already over and now he has hit the gym prior to the shooting of the other part.

A schedule has been wrapped up recently in Hyderabad. The next big schedule will happen after 3 weeks. This means, he has to lose weight within 3 weeks and get back to shooting.

Stars like Aamir Khan, Vikram have done such roles in the past and were praised to the skies. Now it remains to be seen if Nikhil's hardwork will pay off.



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