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'Haven't Found a Man In Two Years'

…says a visibly disappointed Priyamani. After having a decent run as a heroine, Priyamani got into doing heroine-oriented roles and that’s when her career got into a downslide.

Like many girls, that’s when her parents decided to get her married and they started hunting for a boy for her.

Of course, some time back, there was talk that some Dubai-based businessman came forward, but it was later revealed that his background was questionable due to which Priyamani and family rejected his match.

Apparently, he was a divorcee and Priyamani was not keen on marrying a second marriage man. However, after waiting for two years, Priyamani has decided that she will not sit idle till she finds the right man.

Instead, she has decided to do some films so that it will keep her busy and also bring in some moolah. Let’s hope that she will find her Mr Right soon.



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