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Have No Strategy To Choose Films: Raashi

Actress Raashi Khanna, who is basking in the success of her latest Telugu release "Jil", says she has no strategy when it comes to choosing projects. A film's script is the deciding factor for her.

"No matter what strategies you make, if you don't get the right script, everything is going to go down," Raashi told IANS.

"Even if I wish to work with somebody, they should be willing to cast me first. So strategies really don't work. I just believe in working hard and whatever comes my way, I try and give it my best," she said.

While she started her Telugu film career with a relatively small and independent film as "Oohalu Gusagusalade", the ones that followed such as "Joru", "Jil" and upcoming "Bengal Tiger" have been bigger; both in terms of the actors involved and the budget.

She says she doesn't get nervous or conscious when she's paired with a star.

"I don't really get star struck. Maybe a little when I meet them for the first time, but not after we start working, because my acting is more important than anything else. I can't let my co-star affect my performance. My priority is to act and when they say action; I become the character I've been asked to play," she said.

Raashi is expected to start shooting for "Bengal Tiger" soon.



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