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Has Tollywood Not Produced Many Baahubalis Earlier?

Baahubali is the highest grosser in the history of Tollywood. It has left far behind movie such as 'Attarintiki Daredi', 'Magadheera', 'Dookudu' etc.

Has Baahubali really beaten those films in a fair fight? Not necessarily.

Tickets of Baahubali were sold at two to four times the market price by the theaters themselves. Prices were jacked up overnight for Baahubali.

So, if Attarintiki Daredi collections were multiplied by three or four times, it would more or less equal those of Baahubali. Same is the case with ‘Dookudu’ etc.

For instance, a ticket in the US for a Telugu film is normally priced at 11 dollars and 15 dollars for a Mahesh movie. For Baahubali it is 25 dollars.

If 25 dollars were charged for a Mahesh movie, it would again equal or surpass the revenues of Baahubali. However, the three-year waiting period created a lot of frenzy and hence there were takers for Baahubali even at the inflated prices.

But is Baahubali really an international quality film? Is it a big film or a great film? That is for the viewers to decide.



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