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'Had To Act With Bare Feet For The First Time'

Usually for most of the scenes, heroines may or may not wear sandals for shoots depending on their comfort level. But when it comes to songs, they usually wear footwear in keeping with the latest trends. However, Tamanna says she had to dance bare footed for Baahubali.

Though it was tough, Tamanna says she did it for her part as princess Avantika in Baahubali. Since the queens would not wear footwear during the time the film is set in, Tamanna says she did the same.

She says she reduced 6 kilos after Rajamouli suggested her to do so for her role and confesses that shooting for 300 days for the part is a record of sorts in her career. 

Tamanna says it is an honour that the first look of Baahubali was released on her birthday. 

She reveals that when Rajamouli narrated the script three years back, she had imagined the story in a particular way and the film has totally lived up to her expectations. 

Tamanna says she is looking forward to the experience of the audiences watching the film on July 10 and enjoying all the hard work that has gone into it.



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