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Guess The Latest Rumour About Anjali...

Guess The Latest Rumour About Anjali...

Usually, when there is talk about a rumour involving a heroine, then it is concluded that it is regarding an affair.

People start wondering as to who her secret lover is or they try to figure out who the hero is. But heroine Anjali's is a different story altogether. The latest rumour involving her is totally novel.

Well, the rumour is about her joining politics. Yes, this is the latest from Kollywood. But Tamil heroines joining politics is nothing new.

Earlier, heroines like Khusboo joined political parties. So, it is being said that Anjali will soon enter politics. And if Rajinikanth will float a political party, then chances are high that Anjali will join his party.

In fact, the rumour started with one of the statements she made during the promotion of her latest Tamil film Balloon.

During the show, Anjali mentioned that she liked politics and that she followed all developments closely. She also revealed that she recently visited the Parliament.

Since then, rumours have been rife in Tamil Nadu about her political entry. However, when contacted, Anjali said she had no plans of joining politics in near future.



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