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'Gossip About Me Is Expected'

'Gossip About Me Is Expected'

Anjali is probably one actress who has been in news more for her controversies than her acting.

Well, gossip is part of the package for anyone who is part of the entertainment industry. But the actress has had not one, but many controversies following her and poor girl everything about her turns into a controversy.

Well, when asked, Anjali brushes aside the rumours and says that she is prepared that there will always be gossip about her.

In the past, her aunt and a Tamil producer-director filed a case against her saying that Anjali cheated them.

Later, her aunt labelled her a 'bad character'. Then there was controversy about her asking high remuneration to act in Kona Venkat's Sankarabharanam.

After that, Kona Venkat is said to have replaced Anjali with another girl. There is another rumour about Anjali being married.

As for Anjali, she is least disturbed and says she will accept things as they are. For now, she has two big films in Tamil and she will play one of the lead actresses in Balayya's Dictator. One gritty girl surely!



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