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Gopichand's Troubles Aren't Over Yet

Talented actor Gopichand has been going through rough phase in his career. His recent release Gautham Nanda was a huge flop and two of his finished products are stuck in cans due to financial troubles.

Gopichand hoped that Oxygen movie would hit the screens in this week, but the film has been postponed indefinitely yet again.

Producer AM Ratnam is in a financial mess, which has put Oxygen film’s release prospects in doubt.

Gopichand’s other film Aaradugula Bullet directed by B. Gopal also didn’t see the light of the day as yet.

The ‘Loukyam’ actor pinned hopes on Gautham Nanda to succeed so that it clears the hurdles for Oxygen and Aaradugula Bullet.

Gopi’s recent track record and director Jyothi Krishna’s unimpressive resume as the director is the main reason for buyers staying away from Oxygen. Even the promos didn’t show any promise for anybody to take the risk.

Will this film ever clears the financial hurdles and make it to theaters?



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