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Ghazi Applies for Tax Exemption!

Governments in two Telugu states have been supporting good films made with historical and patriotic content enriched with National pride in them. Couple of films of late enjoyed tax waiver benefits too.

Ghazi released to unique appreciation from critics, common audience drawing praises to all the artists, technicians, directors for dealing with an untouched subject of 1971 India-Pakistan submarine war is now seeking for a tax exemption.

Unlike other producers who approached Telugu states Chief Ministers applying for tax exemption before the release, Prasad V Potluri of PVP Cinema and Niranjan Reddy of Matinee Entertainments have first proved worth of their Ghazi by winning the National acclaim and then approached respective Governments for tax benefit.

Ghazi story is set in Visakhatapanam, Andhra Pradesh backdrop and was picturized entirely in Hyderabad, Telangana. So, the film stands eligible to get the support from both Governments.



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