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Forget Sexy Figure, It's All In the Eyes

Heroines these days are mostly relegated to playing glam dolls in films. So they try their best to up the oomph quotient and in the process focus more on their looks than on performance.

But Tamanna says looking sexy is all about saying it all with your eyes.

“Eyes convey your feelings beautifully. If we have to access a person, then all we need to do is look into their eyes. You can make out what they are thinking through their eyes. Women understand the importance of eyes as they are aware that it’s their eyes which make them look sexy,” says Tamanna fluttering her eyelashes.

“I think Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit top the list of heroines who could emote with their eyes. All they needed to do was give one look and you could understand pages of text. In fact, I love my eyes and a lot of fans have told me that they love my expressive eyes. Though I cannot mention her name here, a director had once told me that a well-known actress was in reckoning only because of her expressive eyes (well, it’s Samantha). I take extra care to sleep tight and look fresh for shoots. But if my eyes look tired, then I cancel the shoot that day,” she discloses. 



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