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Finally, Telugu Cinema Wakes Up To New-Age Relationships

Bollywood has been doing it for the past one decade and now the Telugu film-makers are slowly waking up to stories that the younger audiences will relate to.

Sukumar is known for stories that deal with the psychology of its lead characters. Be it Arya, Arya 2 or 100% Love, his characters speak of various emotions and thoughts that go on in the minds of the characters that totally simulate real people.

So, the trailer of his latest film Kumari 21F has become a subject of discussion among his fans.

Video: Watch Kumari 21F Trailer

Well, like always, he deals with the one BIG question that the Indian men are obsessed with.

In a time and age when students go study and work abroad, at a time when social drinking, pub hopping and having casual relationships before settling down are as acceptable as completing one's class projects and meeting office deadlines, Sukumar brings the till now taboo issue out into the open.

In the past, such films or rather such subjects were mostly dealt by B-grade directors and ended up being semi-adult flicks.

With Sukumar touching upon the subject of a young man wondering about he being his girl's first love or rather trying to figure out if his outgoing girlfriend is a virgin or not, will throw open such subjects to young film-makers who will want to address such issues.

In Bollywood, YashRaj films is doing its bit by making films like Shuddh Desi Romance to address similar issues that abound in rural and urban India, which is trying hard to come out from the closet.

Well, the trailer of Kumari 21F, like his earlier films, deals with the various thoughts that cross the mind of a young man and a young girl who are out looking for that 'picture perfect' relationship.

From the trailer, it does seem intriguing, it remains to be seen how Sukumar handles the film without being judgmental or preachy.



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