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Finally, Nithiin Joins The Big League

After making a successful debut with Jayam in 2002, it took Nithiin 14 years and 22 more films to score the biggest hit of his career in the form of A..Aa.

In all fairness, the movie received the kind of openings it did, only because of the brand name of Trivikram.

And many say that Samantha had a better role in the movie than Nithiin. But in the Telugu industry, rarely does the heroine prove to be a drawing factor for a movie. It’s either the hero or the director!

While Samantha is overjoyed at the movie’s success and trying to hog the limelight with statements like “After S/o Satyamurthy, I was disappointed. Trivikram then promised to make amends with his next film.”

Nithiin on the other hand is maintaining a dignified attitude and quietly basking in the success of the movie. So, how is he now in the big league? Because, the movie’s success has proved that given the right combinations, a Nithiin movie is capable of generating good revenues.

And big producers go by market value. There have been many instances in the past when young heroes were given top directors, actresses and budgets only to see the public reject their films outright. 14 years into his career, Nithiin has finally arrived on the big stage.



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