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Final Four For Chiru's Film?

It is known that suspense about Chiranjeevi's comeback film continues. Though many directors and writers have been narrating scripts to the aging megastar, Chiranjeevi hasn't liked any script till now.

However, he has been maintaining that he wants something that will help him return with a bang. And that the film must have a message coupled with liberal doses of entertainment.

So the latest from the mega camp is that Chiranjeevi has been approached by four writers who have come up with a story keeping in mind the demands of the megastar.

Talk is that after hearing their story, Chiranjeevi is said to have told them to develop the script further.

In fact, Chiranjeevi has also requested Vijayendra Prasad who has had two stupendous hits in Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan to write a special story for him and Prasad has asked for some time.

Though at one time it was almost confirmed that Chiranjeevi would be doing Puri Jagannadh's film, it was said that he did not like the second half once Puri narrated the complete story.

So, the film has been put off temporarily, though many writers and directors continue to come up with stories for megastar. It is being said that Chiranjeevi is keen on starting the film in two months.

Now will the four writers be the final four?



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