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Filmy Talk: Nani Getting Monotonous

Nani is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors in Telugu cinema industry now. He can pull any character with ease and his impeccable comedy timing has made him a bankable star. Nani is doing his best to make the most of his current form and craze.

Nani has been doing films without taking any break. With too many films on hand, Nani is not having time to go for a makeover.

Nani doesn’t even try for a new hairdo nor make slight changes to his look. He looks almost the same in every film and even his characterizations plus dialog delivery also is getting repetitive lately.

The teaser of his upcoming film Middle Class Abbayi is impressive, but many opine that Nani is getting monotonous with each film. This is not an era where an actor maintains same look for years.

Every actor of current generation tries to add something new to the movie with subtle changes to their looks and appearance. Perhaps it’s time for Nani to start experimenting a bit. 



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