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Film Sold Before Going On To Sets

If all things come together, projects end up getting huge buzz and good craze. Another reason could be that the producer might be in need of money. In both cases, films are sold before going on to the sets.

It is known that Nikhil is all set to act in the remake version of Tamil hit Ganithan. Now, the talk is that the film has been sold right at the project phase.

Producer Tagore Madhu is supposed to produce the film. But given the performance of Spyder, he is in a rather dull mood. Of course, he hasn't lost money, but the mood is not very upbeat.

Given the situation, he has got an offer for the film. Some buyers offered him Rs 11 crore for the film. Though he will be producing the film in principle, he will have nothing to do with the money part. He will be in fact play the executive producer.

The idea is to wrap up the film in Rs 7 crore. Then Tagore Madhu will pocket Rs 4 crore. Whatever money is spent in making the film, Tagore Madhu will keep the rest of it from Rs 11 crore.

All he needs to do is make the film on a planned budget. Everything else will be taken care of by the buyers.



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