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Fidaa Trailer Has Kammula's Stamp All Over It

Fidaa Trailer Has Kammula's Stamp All Over It

Theatrical trailer of Sekhar Kammula’s romantic drama Fidaa has the acclaimed filmmaker’s stamp all over it.

A self-assertive leading lady, a soft looking, mild speaking protagonist and natural conversations with a dash of Telangana accent, Fidaa trailer has everything that is associated with a Sekhar Kammula’s movie.

It is hard to come to a conclusion about how the movie is going to be after watching the trailer because it seems disjointed and confusing.

All we can talk is about the vibrant visuals and good looking Varun Tej, who has put on some weight. Much hyped Malar from Premam, Sai Pallavi will get mixed reactions from Telugu audiences for sure.

Sekhar Kammula’s films are all about characters, their ideologies, the sweet nothings and ego clashes between the people in love.

So it is hard to cut a trailer that gives clarity about the plot of his film. From the outset, it seems like a love story between two diverse personalities.

Let’s wait for the movie before we draw any further conclusions.



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