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Exclusive Details About Bigg Boss Season 2

Bigg Boss show needs no introduction as it turned out to be a smash hit with the Telugu people. Most of the contestants of Bigg Boss first season became popular and have bagged various opportunities after being part of the show.

There is incredible demand from various fields to participate in the second season. Even senior journalists are using their ‘connections’ to bag a slot in Bigg Boss 2.

NTR who did a terrific job as the host in first season is going to host the second season too. He is planning his schedules accordingly as the second season is going to be a long one.

First season was limited to ten weeks, but this season will run for fourteen weeks. Reality television shows have the tendency to lose viewership after sometime.

Star Maa is doing its best to make the second season a bigger hit by signing up some of the well known celebrities as well as a couple of controversial names to make it an interesting show.

Second season of Bigg Boss will start in June. The contestants names will be revealed once they are finalized. 

Meanwhile, NTR will complete major part of his next film with Trivikram from March to June as he will get busy with Bigg Boss from June.



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