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Exclusive: Chiranjeevi In Uday Kiran's Biopic

Exclusive: Chiranjeevi In Uday Kiran's Biopic

Looks like it's the season of biopics in Tollywood. After Mahanati, one another biopic that is going to hit the screens if everything goes well, is Uday Kiran's biopic.

In fact, Teja who introduced Uday Kiran came up with the idea of making a biopic out of Uday Kiran's life. After announcing the same, he also gave another latest update during the last one hour.

It is said that Chiranjeevi will be a part of Uday Kiran's biopic. The character will be played by Rajasekhar on screen.

The personal rapport they share with each other is well-known. At a time when Uday Kiran was enjoying star status, Chiranjeevi wanted Uday Kiran as his son-in-law.

At the time, Chiranjeevi's daughter and Uday Kiran got engaged too. However, the engagement got cancelled due to some unknown reasons.

After that Chiranjeevi got his daughter married to another person. And after a long gap of eight years, Uday Kiran too married a different person. However, it is still a suspense as to why Uday Kiran never became the mega hero.

Will Teja reveal the reasons behind the broken engagement, has become a matter of interest. During that time, Teja and Uday Kiran were good friends. Apart from introducing him, he was the one who got stardom for Uday Kiran.

So, he is well-qualified to take up the biopic. But it remains to be seen if he will show all the details from Uday Kiran's story.

In this, there is another angle to the story. Uday Kiran losing his stardom and falling into depression. It is said that he committed suicide in that depression. Of course, there are doubts about Uday Kiran's depression. One wonders if Uday Kiran will touch upon these aspects.

Teja is hoping to name the film Kaboye Alludu and rope in Rajasekhar for Chiranjeevi's role. One can guess the reason behind he wanting to call the film so.



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