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Even Baahubali Couldn't Save Her

The biggest admirers of Baahubali too agree that the weak link in the movie is Tamanna Bhatia who played the role of Avantika.

Sadly Rajamouli and his team of writers couldn't etch her character properly and Tamanna didn't do herself any favour by overacting in that rebel getup.

Tamanna had a very bad track record in Telugu until Baahubali arrived. Now she is a part of the biggest hit of Telugu cinema industry.

Her poor track record in Hindi Cinema also has been improved by Baahubali. Despite being a part of an epic movie Tamanna failed to impress and is receiving brickbats from critics and audiences alike.

Unfortunately Tamanna doesn't have a chance to make an impact in Baahubali 2 as she is not going to have much of a role in it.

Heroines tend to get big boost on the career front when they feature in such big hits, but it looks like Baahubali may not give any additional mileage to Tamanna due to the poor feedback.



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