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Enough Of This Blackmail

Enough Of This Blackmail

Sri Reddy continues to be patronized by all media and her claims keep unfolding every week like a thriller series. But, looking at the whole issue from a neutral perspective, it is clear that the whole thing is nothing but brazen blackmailing.

If Sri Reddy has all the proofs against Tollywood people who have exploited her, then she should be approaching the police and filing a case against those people. Why is she approaching the media?

If her photographs with Abhiram Daggubati are genuine and what she says is true, then why did she not file a complaint against Abhiram and even if she did not, why is the police taking no action against Abhiram after the images were made public?

Don’t we all remember how she backtracked against Shekhar Kammula after the latter warned her of legal action? And Kona Venkat has openly called for a police inquiry!

Now, she has named Koratala Siva who is having a huge release next week and the man must be under immense pressure.

Tarnishing the reputation of such a top director is entirely uncalled for. Succh wild allegations can damage reputations and family lives beyond repair. But there are probably innocent people who will pay up just to avoid being mentioned at all.

It’s high time that Sri Reddy put a stop to her TV channel visits and blackmail tactic and approach the cops with whatever proofs she has. How much longer will families have to put up with her use of vulgar words on prime time?



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