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Don't Underestimate Dictator Balakrishna

Nannaku Prematho is hogging all the limelight among the Pongal releases. Dictator lost the sheen because of poor promos and not so peppy audio.

Dictator seems like an ordinary masala film from the writer duo Kona and Gopi Mohan that have been struggling to find form of late. On the other hand Nannaku Prematho looks interesting and new from each angle.

Although the social media critics and media circles are putting Nannaku Prematho ahead in the race, Dictator wouldn’t go down without putting up a fight says the filmy sources.

This film has a powerful flashback episode where Balakrishna plays the Dictator and this is going to be the highlight of the movie, sources said.

Most of the successful Balakrishna movies had powerful flashback episodes that have lifted the movie to another level in spite of mediocre first halves.

Dictator too has a very good flashback part that is going to be the deciding factor in the movie it seems.

Team Dictator is not worried about the Pongal rush as they believe masses will lap up this film for sure. It is too early to write off Dictator and the competitors shouldn’t underestimate the power of Balakrishna’s mass following.



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