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Dog in Rajinikanth's Kaala poster is worth 2 crore

Rajinikanth is nothing less than a deity in the Indian film industry and if you’re fortunate to share some screen scape with him, you’re a star already.

That’s exactly what happened with the dog who royally posed next to him in the Kaala poster. Guess what, fans are ready to pay as much as 2 crores for that lucky canine.

Professional animal trainer Simon revealed that many people from Malaysia have offered to pay crores for the dog, named Mani, only because he was privileged enough to sit next to the Thalaiver.

"Few people offered about one crore. They were even ready to pay two crores for the dog since he has acted with Rajini sir. But I refused because we are taking care of him as a child. Who will auction their child for money? So, I declined the offer,” he told.

He also reflected upon the friendly relationship between Rajinikanth and Mani.

"Rajini sir will feed him a pack of biscuits every day. That made our (trainers) work easy since the star and Mani had a good rapport."



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