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Doesn't Pawan Know His 'Dharma?'

Trivikram Srinivas is known for his punch dialogues not only in his films, but also on stages. His latest statement about Pawan Kalyan is going viral on social networking sites.

Participating in the success meet of “A..Aa”, Trivikram made a reference to Pawan Kalyan. 

It may be surprising to draw Pawan’s name in the function of another star's film, but Trivikram, who is a diehard fan of Power Star could not but mention his name.

Trivikram recalled that Pawan had reminded him of his dharma, when he was struggling to search for a hero to make a film after the completion of Son of Satyamurthy.

“You had promised to make a film with Nithiin. So, it is your dharma to make a film with him now,” Trivikram quoted Pawan as saying.

Apparently, Trivikram took Pawan’s advice as the preaching of Bhagavad Gita. But there are critics who questioned as to why Pawan himself was not fulfilling his dharma. 

Pawan had earlier promised to act in the film for director Sampath Nandi. The latter has been waiting for Pawan’s consent for years; even after he had suffered heavy losses from Bengal Tiger so much so that he could not even pay salaries to his office staff. Yet, Pawan did not give him the chance he had promised.

Sampath, who waited till the completion of Gabbar Singh-2, felt frustrated with Pawan and gave up hopes.

So, the question is Pawan had reminded Trivikram of his responsibility; but why he did not fulfil his own responsibility is a million dollar question.



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