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Distributors Waiting To Exploit 'Hrudaya Kaleyam'?

One very important aspect of the cinema business is the distribution network and the syndicate of distributors.

No matter how good a film is, if the distributors decide something then that decides the fate of the film. Currently, there are reports that the distributor ring has targeted one film.

This is ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ marking the debut of Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu.

The film has garnered a lot of interest and even biggies like Daggubati Suresh showed interest.

However, here is an update. Since the demand for this movie is very high the distributors are reportedly planning a strategy.

They want to delay the release of the film so that they can buy it at lesser price. As such, self-release is not possible because the makers will never get the theatres.

They have to associate with a big gun of industry but chances are high that person will exploit their need.

Well, they must get the right person for this and only then ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ will have a justified release.