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Director Bobby, Where Are You Now?

For the first time, Pawan Kalyan is promoting his movie through extensive media interviews. In the last two days, all the news channels, news dailies have carried his lengthy talk on movies, politics, and his future plans.

Even Kajal Agarwal has done her bit of promoting the movie “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” but the movie’s director is seen nowhere in the promotions. He is deliberately avoiding the media interactions, said a source.

Also the production team does also not want him to be on the promotional campaign. So he is not seen anywhere now.

Director Sampath Nandi who was shown the exit door before taking Bobby in for this movie must be feeling happy with the pathetic situation that Bobby is in now.

Also Bobby had rubbed many cast and crew members on the wrong side during the filming of the movie and they must be feeling happy. 

It was the ego issue of Bobby that made cinematographer Jayanan Vincent walk away from the movie after the completion of first schedule. Then Bobby and Shakalaka Shankar had some issues and Shakalaka Shankar insulted Bobby on the sets which resulted in Pawan Kalyan teaching a lesson to the comedian.

On the whole, Bobby has no sympathy from any side of the cast and crew and the producer.



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