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Dil Raju to Use His Clout for Harish Shankar

That Harish Shankar belongs to Dil Raju's coterie is well-known. Also known is the ruckus that DJ created. However, putting all that behind, Harish Shankar is planning to make his next film titled "Daagudu Mootalu" with two heroes. Once again, the film is being produced by Dil Raju.

Buzz in the industry is that producer Dil Raju has warned Harish Shankar to maintain dignity and stay away from controversies this time around.

Harish is now planning a simple love story with two medium-range heroes. This time around, he is playing safe and taking inspiration from an old Telugu novel for the movie.

Although Harish made name thanks to his direction and good dialogue writing skills, he was dragged into controversies due to his big mouth. After initial bragging about collections, his last film "DJ" failed at the box office and created a controversy over misquoted figures.

Now the toughest challenge for him is to get dates of two heroes. However, since the film is being produced by Dil Raju, he will be using his clout to get the heroes for Harish's film.



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